Bram Gotink


I'm a 26 year old computer scientist, currently working at KBC Group.

I spend my spare time working on various projects, a couple of which are listed below. I play Dungeons & Dragons 5E, one of the most famous pen and paper role playing games.



I'm currently at work at KBC Group NV, a Belgian based European bank-insurer. Some of the projects I've worked on include

  • KBC Touch: the main desktop/tablet platform of KBC
  • KBC Business Dashboard: the online entrypoint for KBC's corporate clients


I finalized my education by attaining a Master of Economic Policy at the KU Leuven. Apart from the obligatory courses on micro and macro economics (and some others), I've chosen to focus on public economy, European economy and industrial economy.
My master thesis was on “The Gambler's and Hot Hand Fallacies”, two common mistakes people make when thinking about chance and statistics. My thesis partner and I described these fallacies and listed some of the economic consequences they have in everyday life. These consequences range from false confidence when gambling to faulty assumptions when applying for a job.

I only turned to the Faculty of Economy and Business after finishing my studies at the Faculty of Engineering Science. I finished my Master of Engineering: Computer Science cum laude in 2013, majoring in Human Computer Interaction (HCI for short).
The HCI research group has two main subgroups, Ariadne (studying user interfaces etc.) and Graphics. My master thesis was centered on graphics, more specifically “Stochastic Visibility in Rendering Algorithms using light shafts”. The visiblity operation is an essential operation in computer graphics. It checks whether anything in the scene blocks light rays between two points. This is a very expensive operation, though many methods exist to make it faster. Stochastic visibility is a new type of method to speed this up, by estimating the visibility function using Monte Carlo methods. In my thesis, I tried to find a workable algorithm using stochastic visibility.


Spare time

These are some projects I work on in my spare time.

Doorman Chime

The doorman-chime npm module listens to signals sent by Doorman wireless chimes. I use this at home to intercept the chime to send notifications to my phone and to prevent the chime from ringing at night.

The project is written in C++ and Node.js. We chose C++ for the communication between the 433MHz receiver/transmitter because this part of the code needs to run in mere microseconds. Node.js is not yet at this level, especially not on low-power devices like my Raspberry Pi.

Dungeons & Dragons 5E Character Sheet Generator

This small project is basically a web form that fills in data in an SVG that can be printed or exported as PDF.

The project uses native WebComponents and some quite esoteric SVG functionalities, so browser support is limited to Chrome and ± Safari.